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Billie Sucher has an unwavering passion for her life-work as a career transition consultant, outplacement specialist, resume writer, speaker, trainer, blogger, and poet. Since 1985, she has provided career management services to individuals, executive-level to entry-level, coast-to-coast. Billie holds a Master's Degree in Counseling, various industry certifications including national career distinction as a Credentialed Career Master and International Certification as a Job and Career Transition Coach. Sucher's professional and executive resume / cover letter work is featured in 28 national best-selling resume and cover letter books. She is a prolific contributing writer / blogger for Career Hub, which was selected by HR World as the Top HR Blog on the Internet in 2007. The author of Between Jobs: Recover, Rethink, Rebuild and Baseball for Life, she invites you to visit her website at or e-mail: or view her LinkedIn profile.